About Playfair

Founded by Petra Playfair in 1988, PLAYFAIR® has a core philosophy of inclusion, innovation and integrity.

Who we are

Playfair Legal was established by Petra Playfair as a complementary service to our current Playfair Visa and Migration Services.

Identifying the needs of our current and future clients who require additional legal services on top of our migration assistance, we made the decision to expand our services to become a one-stop-shop for all legal needs

Who we help

From general legal matters to immigration assistance, we have you covered. We represent a wide variety of clients and approach each case with our full attention and dedication. We aim to protect your interests, achieve results and exceed your expectations.

Our clients range from individuals needing assistance with their property law matters to multi-national corporations needing legal advice on various legal issues and problems.

Our culture

It’s our friendly nature and easy-going attitude that differentiates Playfair Legal from other firms. We understand the complex nature of legal matters and approach each case with care and dedication to produce efficient and effective results for all our clients.

We believe that to achieve results, we first need to establish a great working relationship with our clients. We pride ourselves on being able to understand the needs of our clients and work together with them to satisfy their needs and achieve their desired outcomes.


Request an initial consultation

Legal processes can seem daunting and complex, whether it’s a personal matter or a case for a large corporation.

If you have any questions or are unsure of processes, just fill out your details below to request a consultation.

“Anh was terrific in helping us purchase our home. She demonstrated that she is very knowledgeable & more than capable in negotiations. She also made sure that we were informed along every step of the process, and advised accordingly what we could do to ensure a smooth progression from start to finish. It was an absolute pleasure to have acquired her services."
Jarone & Margarita D
“The legal advice and service provided by the legal team at Playfair was efficient, honest, flexible to our needs and reliable. I really appreciate the service I was given.”
Natalie L
“Anh is a very professional and knowledgeable solicitor who provided quality service. I was particularly pleased with the pre-auction investigation works and informative advice, as well as her ability to successfully negotiate changes to the contract. I would highly recommend.”
Jenny T