Family Law

Our team helps individuals and families understand the legal processes and requirements related to certain events within family and domestic relationships.

Family & Domestic Relationships

Family law deals with all matters concerning family and domestic relationships.

We understand that clients can find these processes overwhelming and at times emotionally exhausting, and as such we work with our clients to minimise the burden and difficulties as much as possible.

We assist clients with the following matters concerning family law:

  • divorce
  • binding financial agreements
  • property settlements
  • child custody and visitation
  • annulment
  • child support

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“Anh was terrific in helping us purchase our home. She demonstrated that she is very knowledgeable & more than capable in negotiations. She also made sure that we were informed along every step of the process, and advised accordingly what we could do to ensure a smooth progression from start to finish. It was an absolute pleasure to have acquired her services."
Jarone & Margarita D
“The legal advice and service provided by the legal team at Playfair was efficient, honest, flexible to our needs and reliable. I really appreciate the service I was given.”
Natalie L
“Anh is a very professional and knowledgeable solicitor who provided quality service. I was particularly pleased with the pre-auction investigation works and informative advice, as well as her ability to successfully negotiate changes to the contract. I would highly recommend.”
Jenny T