Our Team

Coming from all walks of life and every corner of the globe, our common goal is to help people realise their migration dreams and ambitions.

Who we are

Led by founder Petra Playfair, our diverse and skilled team provide advice in many areas of law,come from different cultures, have worked in many countries, speak multiple languages and some of us arrived in Australia as refugees.

We are passionate about improving the legal experience and apply our legal expertise with innovation and integrity.

Team members

Petra Playfair
Chief Executive Officer
Anh Tran
Angela Marando
Head of Corporate and Private, Client Solicitor
Walid Babakarkhil
Solicitor, Victoria
Dimitris Boukas
Solicitor, Victoria
Tri-Tue Tran
Senior Consultant Vietnam

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“Anh was terrific in helping us purchase our home. She demonstrated that she is very knowledgeable & more than capable in negotiations. She also made sure that we were informed along every step of the process, and advised accordingly what we could do to ensure a smooth progression from start to finish. It was an absolute pleasure to have acquired her services."
Jarone & Margarita D
“The legal advice and service provided by the legal team at Playfair was efficient, honest, flexible to our needs and reliable. I really appreciate the service I was given.”
Natalie L
“Anh is a very professional and knowledgeable solicitor who provided quality service. I was particularly pleased with the pre-auction investigation works and informative advice, as well as her ability to successfully negotiate changes to the contract. I would highly recommend.”
Jenny T