Property Law & Conveyancing

Whether you are selling or buying property, the decision to is one of the most important decisions of your life.

Buying or selling property

The process of buying and selling property can be overwhelming, confusing and at times tedious for the individual. Our team of trained and experienced solicitors is here to make this process as easy and painless as possible. We ensure all the hard work and the property transaction is handled by us as we guide you every step of the way.

We help a wide range of clients from individual first homeowners to developers and companies acquiring land and selling multi-level unit complexes. We cater to the specific needs of each client and ensure that all transactions are completed efficiently and effectively.


Our diligent lawyers at Playfair Legal will ensure a stress-free conveyancing experience for your sale or purchase of property. We offer the following legal services:

  • Draft Contract for Sale of Land for sale of residential and commercial properties;
  • Review Contract for Sale of Land for the purchase of residential and commercial properties;
  • Provide the relevant advice on the sale or purchase of property;
  • Handle all processes relating to the financing and discharge of mortgage in the transaction;
  • Advise on stamp duty and other relevant duties, benefits and concessions;
  • Negotiate terms and conditions of the Contract for Sale of Land for both sale and purchase matters;
  • Conduct searches and enquiries as required for the processes;
  • Attending to and preparing for settlement of your property sale or purchase; and
  • Attend to post-settlement matters to finalise the matter.

We are registered with PEXA for e-Conveyancing property transaction and have successfully completed many transactions on the new e-Conveyancing platform.

For more information, please contact our office to speak to one of our professional and friendly lawyers who can assist you further.


Yes, you can. Contracts for these properties can be reviewed and the terms and conditions can be negotiated with the Vendor’s representative prior to auction. When attending the auction, you will only need to advise the auction staff of the pre-negotiated terms and have the terms marked up in the contract prior to signing.

An s66W certificate will effectively waive your right to the standard five business days cooling off period when you sign a contract. Where a s66W certificate is requested for the transaction, the expectation is that the purchaser will waive their right to the cooling off period and enter into the contract unconditionally. The certificate is usually signed by the purchaser’s solicitor and provided to the Vendor’s representative with the signed contract and full payment of the deposit. The contract then becomes unconditionally exchanged and fully binding on the purchaser.

Where the certificate is not provided/requested, the standard 5 business days cooling off period is afforded to the purchaser to carry out their due diligence prior to unconditional exchange of contract. If the purchaser decides to rescind the contract before the end of the cooling-off period, they will only lose the 0.25% deposit that was paid as a holding deposit when the contracts were exchanged. The purchaser’s representative will be required to serve to the Vendor’s representative  Notice of Rescission before the end of the cooling-off period.

We will be responsible for collecting the relevant documents and information to process your stamp duty payment and will make arrangements to pay stamp duty on your behalf on or before the settlement date. Usually, stamp duty is paid on settlement through the PEXA platform.

Yes, we will usually work directly with your bank or mortgage broker to provide the documents needed to finalise your loan application. However, you will be required to provide the details of your bank or broker to allow us to initiate contact. Where you do not have a bank or broker, we can assist in advising of the process and guide you on who to contact to make arrangements for the financing of the purchase.

Usually, our turnaround time to draft a contract can be 1-2 days depending on a number of factors such as:

  1. How promptly you can provide us with the instructions; and
  2. How long the relevant government bodies take to provide the documents and certificates needed to compile the contract.

We can draft a contract relatively quickly provided the preliminary information is provided to us in a timely manner. On most occasions, a full contract with all relevant certificates can take approximately five days. We can also provide your selling agent with a draft contract for marketing purposes with the disclaimer that a final contract will be provided at a later stage.

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Legal processes can seem daunting and complex, whether it’s a personal matter or a case for a large corporation.

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“Anh was terrific in helping us purchase our home. She demonstrated that she is very knowledgeable & more than capable in negotiations. She also made sure that we were informed along every step of the process, and advised accordingly what we could do to ensure a smooth progression from start to finish. It was an absolute pleasure to have acquired her services."
Jarone & Margarita D
“The legal advice and service provided by the legal team at Playfair was efficient, honest, flexible to our needs and reliable. I really appreciate the service I was given.”
Natalie L
“Anh is a very professional and knowledgeable solicitor who provided quality service. I was particularly pleased with the pre-auction investigation works and informative advice, as well as her ability to successfully negotiate changes to the contract. I would highly recommend.”
Jenny T